What Does Corn Taste Like?

My thoughts on corn

So to start, my favorite food is popcorn!  I absolutely love popcorn and seem to have at least three different types in my home at all times (white cheddar, microwave butter, and air-popped kernels).  So you would think that I would already have corn in my diet as well but this is not the case.  I’ve had tried several things with the word corn in them, for example: popcorn, candy corn, corn bread, corn flakes, and corn tortillas but I had never actually tried corn itself until recently.

Corn was still a difficult one for me to try because it just seems so very different from the popcorn I love.  This is also one of the first vegetables I am trying.  I tried one or two kernels to start at one of our family dinners and have since tried a few more kernels subsequently.  We had fresh white corn off the cob with some butter and salt on it.  I haven’t quite worked up to being able to take a full fork full or to be able to eat it on the cob yet.  I was surprised to find that corn is actually kind of sweet and also a little bit crunchy.  Although I can see a similarity with the taste of popcorn I think the biggest difference is the texture.  Popcorn is very light, dry and crunchy whereas corn is a bit more concentrated, wet and a little rubbery and crunchy but not nearly as crunchy as popcorn is.  Popcorn is still the best in my opinion!

Health Benefits of Corn

So corn has several health benefits that I have discovered and would like to share with you.

  • Corn has healthy antioxidants which could decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Corn is a good source of fiber and additional fiber in your diet has digestive benefits.
  • Corn helps with blood sugar levels because of its fiber content, B vitamins and protein content by stabilizing the passage of food through the digestive tract which prevents too rapid or too slow of an uptake of sugar into the bloodstream.
  • Studies have also reported the ability of corn to improve overall nourishment and energy.