Tonight for dinner I made tacos!  I tried this once already with my family but I cooked it myself for the first time tonight.  I used the rest of the ground beef I had from before when I made the burger to make my tacos.  I cooked the ground beef with some butter and actually added in a mild Santa Maria taco seasoning mix packet.  I didn’t put the whole packet in but probably about half.  You can’t really tell from my picture because all you can see is cheese but for the rest of my taco I added avocado and cheese with the ground beef at the bottom.

So as far as the taco the first thing I noticed is that the meat is warm and the taco shell is warm but the avocado and cheese are cold which is strange.  For texture you have the crunch of the taco shell which is good but then several other textures going on.  The ground beef is actually a little spicy because of the taco spice packet mixed in.  I also noticed that the taco is a bit messy and falls apart a bit as you try and eat it.  I can clearly taste each of the components here for each bite.  The cheese is always delicious then you have the soft and fatty avocado with the salty, spicy and greasy ground beef all with the crunch of the taco shell.  Again I like having the taco shell as a buffer with everything else and I like the crunchy taco shell.  So overall, another successful new food and this wasn’t actually that difficult to make and turned out pretty well!

One thought on “Tacos

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Tacos are one of my favorite “easy” dinners! You can use as much of the taco seasoning as you want to either spice it up or down. If you really want to heat it up you can add cayenne pepper as well. You are indeed correct in saying they are messy! But that’s part of the fun of them and makes a great meal for a simple party. I am still amazed at all the new foods you are eating. Good job, Jessie!

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