Eggs Benedict for the first time!

I tried Eggs Benedict for the first time! So I wasn’t quite sure what it was when I ordered it for brunch while I was in Paris for my test but it seemed to be the most popular thing on the brunch menu at this place called Eggs&Co that was recommended to me by a friend!  This also came with some little roasted potatoes and a salad.  Not to mention there was also the orange juice, water, tea or coffee, bread and for dessert a pancake and fruit cup!

So what is Eggs Benedict? Turns out that it is a toasted English Muffin with ham or bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce.  I’ve had scrambled eggs a lot now but hadn’t tried poached eggs yet and hadn’t tried a hollandaise sauce.  This turned out to be ham and it was a little difficult to orchestrate with the extra piece of ham just kind of there in the middle.  Hallandaise sauce appears to be a yolk based sauce with some butter and salt.

How do you eat this?  haha Really though how are you supposed to eat this?  So I tried cutting a small piece at first but that didn’t work because you couldn’t get everything together to try at once.  So then I just cut everything straight in half which breaks the egg open and the yolk kind of just goes everywhere.  It is hard to cut through the ham and to cut it into smaller bites with a bit of everything though.  Once I did figure out how to try it all together though it was quite good!  You have the poached egg which is a little different consistency and has the yolk everywhere so you have the white egg part with one consistency and taste and the yellow egg part with a pretty much still liquid raw consistency and different more flavorful taste.  The ham brings some saltiness and is chewy.  The English muffin is toasted and soaked in the sauce and yolk and butter on it which is good so you have the textured bread kind of crisp but also kind of soaked but not mushy and the different tastes from everything.  The Hollandaise sauce is more egg flavor and butter flavor and really creamy.

The roast potatoes were good and cooked a little differently where they were still tender but with the outside skin not crisp but with olive oil/vinegar flavoring.  The salad I tried again as well and have yet to understand why people enjoy salads so much.  I still think that usually the salad leaves are a bit bitter.  The leaves are crisp and the dressings are usually different on each one I have tried.  This was strange because you actually had some of the hollandaise sauce and egg yolk get on the salad which was an interesting combination.

Plus dessert, I was so full!  There was a delicious pancake and a fruit cup.  The pancake was really thick but still light and fluffy and actually just a little bit sweet which was really good.  I still put some syrup on it as well but not much because it already had that little bit of sweetness.  The fruit cup was okay, I am still not a fan of fruit cups or fruit salads with all of the fruit and their juices mixed together but I am more used to it and I had mostly the strawberries, oranges, and grapes but tried one of everything.  Overall, it was a great brunch and I actually enjoyed it!  It is really exciting when you enjoyed what you had to eat and are satisfied afterwards and it was new!  I think I will have to try and see if I can make Eggs Benedict myself sometime.


One thought on “Eggs Benedict for the first time!

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Your posts are excellent, Jessica! They are so descriptive and detailed I feel like I am eating the meal along with you. Can’t believe you tried Eggs Benedict: that is a complicated dish. It is really not easy to eat, as you aptly described. Overall I enjoy Eggs Benedict but find I have to be in the mood for it since there is so much too it. It is a very rich dish, and sometimes I just want a simple egg. But if the chef prepares it correctly, it is quite tasty. I have had it where the egg white is too runny and that ruins the whole dish- so it really has to be made right.
    Looks like your pancake was huge! Sounds like it was good though and overall you had a great brunch. So happy to see you trying all these different foods. And thanks for sharing your food experiences and putting all the effort into really observing and commenting how all the flavors and textures interact. Well done.

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