Cherry Tomatoes

I wanted to just add a quick post on cherry tomatoes!  Oh my gosh, I took a bite and it basically sprayed everywhere.  So my first impression was ahhhh what a mess.   Apparently you do not take little bites of these, that is not possible.  haha You basically just have to eat the whole cherry tomato all at once.  Which even though they are small tomatoes as one bite that is a lot of tomato flavor all at once.  So on the inside they are mostly on the sour side with just a little bit of sweetness.

For the texture of these little tomatoes they are similar to grapes on the outside with the shiny smooth skin and then this juicy thing in the middle when you bite into it.  The inside of the tomato has a lot more going on than grapes do though.  There are a lot of different textures in there.  You have the outside part of the tomato that is like a grape and just the smooth skin, then there is the juicy part of the tomato with the kind of middle white structured part of it as well as the seedy gooey part.  Plus it is also a little crunchy in the same wet way as an apple or other fruit or vegetable not in the dry crunchy way.

So these little cherry tomatoes are interesting.  I guess because of their size they seem a little less intimidating and also seem just a little sweeter than some bigger tomatoes.  I am really surprised just how much these change flavor from the raw version to the roasted version or with something like pizza sauce or tomato soup.  From this one fruit it is possible to really creates a wide array of different tastes.  I definitely have a new perspective on tomatoes but still am not sure yet whether I like them or not.

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