Taco Soup

I tried taco soup for the first time at ladies night the other day!  I just want to take a moment to say how thankful I am am and how nice it is to finally be able to just have what everyone else is having at these ladies nights.  I have been able to try a lot of new things at them and I don’t have to come up with a reason anymore for why I can’t participate in the food that everyone else seems to be enjoying!  There are no questions and awkward discussions, there is no pressure, I am not hungry all night, and it is just fun. 🙂

So I do have to admit though that I was a bit nervous about the taco soup.  I haven’t tried a whole lot of soups yet and was nervous about all the ingredients because I didn’t really know what was going to be in it.  So what was the taco soup like?  My first impression really is that it is so strange having both liquid and solids all together similar to when I first tried the chicken soup.  It is just very strange to me where you are kind of drinking and chewing at the same time.  It is very complex with a lot of things all going on at once both with lots of tastes and flavors and with lots of textures.

The taco soup had ground beef in it, tomatoes, beans, corn, taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix all in it and then cheese on top. This is one where it is interesting to compare what you smell to what you actually taste.  You have the overarching taste created in the soup but then still the individual tastes and individual textures of the beef, tomatoes, beans and corn.  The textures all become quite soft so overall you have the wet liquid texture from the soup and the softer textures of the foods including the cheese which pretty much melts on everything.  It smells good and the taste’s quite good as well but wasn’t exactly what I was expecting based on the smell.  Very glad to have successfully tried it and had a whole bowl and it is healthy for you too which is always a perk!  Overall, glad to be able to enjoy with friends and have the opportunity to try something new!

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