So I have tried yogurt several times now and am actually starting to like it!  I tried some of the Yoplait flavors a while ago back in the United States like the key lime pie and such and have recently been trying more of the Greek yogurts and figuring out which types would be best for a healthy snack.  When you have yogurt just by itself it can be really quite sour.  So it makes sense why there are a lot of them that add fruit of some sort to give it a bit of sweetness.  I have tried it with strawberries added in, raspberries added in and honey added in and all of these add a bit of sweetness to balance the sourness of the yogurt out which make it much tastier.  I also have had it with muesli and definitely think you need to have the granola in there to give it a bit of crunch!  Without the muesli the texture is just creamy like pudding but I like it a lot more with the granola for a bit of crunch to it.

So I have found that yogurt keeps coming up as a really good healthy snack!  This is mostly because of the protein, calcium, potassium and little to no fat and cholesterol.  So I would recommend looking to see how much protein your yogurt has to really be receiving the best health benefits from it.  Usually Greek yogurts seem to have more protein because they have been strained more and so become thicker with more protein.  Ideally, you would look to have 8-10 grams of protein.  Also whenever you can try and stick to natural fruit or honey as the sweetener instead of having it already added in to the yogurt with some sort of artificial sweetener!

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